Service Learning : Faculty and Staff

The integration of meaningful service and classroom-based curriculum originates with faculty members, however it is not as daunting as you think! The Gary Horowitz Service Learning Program is the “Hub” for Service on Campus. There are many useful tools, resources, and a Service Learning Coordinator on hand to assist you with integrating Service Learning into your course.

Why Service Learning?
Service Learning adds to traditional lecture-style courses in a number of ways. The most important aspect of Service Learning is that it brings a dimension of Civic Engagement and Responsibility into the classroom. The experience students have while taking part in the service associated with a course will assist them in turning their knowledge into wisdom. Students will be able to take abstract concepts and practices learned in the classroom and apply them to the “real world,” leading to a deeper understanding of the course curriculum. The service connection encourages class participation and engagement with course material.

Service Learning also provides an opportunity to share your experiences with campus colleagues and through professional publications and conference presentations.

Course Designation
Courses which include a Service Learning component may be designated as such, and therefore receive a Service Learning attribute on Banner. This allows students to search for courses based on that attribute. In order for a course to receive the SL Designation, a designation request form (found below) must be submitted for approval from the Service Learning Advisory Board.

How to Get Involved
Interested Faculty and Staff should contact Service Learning Coordinator, Jessica Jennings, with questions or for assistance in finding community partners and projects.


Community Partner Request
Service Learning Designation Request