Graduate School Requirements : On-Campus Programs

Alfred University offers a diverse selection of graduate programs to students who hold four year baccalaureate degrees from accredited colleges or universities, or their international equivalent, and demonstrate the ability to perform credibly at the graduate level. We recommend that applicants review the Graduate School home page as well as information on specific programs.

Admission eligibility
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Art portfolio (MFA applicants only)
Health and immunization records
International students
Letters of recommendation
Official transcripts
Standardized tests
Statement of intent

All materials should be sent to:

Graduate Admissions Office
Alumni Hall
Alfred University
1 Saxon Drive
Alfred, NY, 14802

Ph: 607.871.2115
Ph: 800.541.9229

General admission eligibility

Image of AU Graduate StudentThe baccalaureate degree must be appropriate to the particular course of study and be considered legitimate preparation for the field of study to which the student is being admitted. Some students may be accepted with the condition that undergraduate coursework be completed. A 3.0/4.0 GPA or better is recommended.

Applicant qualifications are judged by the faculty of the department or program to which they apply.

Alfred University grants graduate degrees at the master's and doctoral levels. Two post-master's certificates of advanced study are offered. Learn more about Alfred University graduate degrees and programs of study.

The Graduate School recognizes the desire of college graduates to enroll in a limited number of graduate courses without any wish to attain an advanced degree. A maximum of nine credit hours is permitted on this basis. Students who wish to take courses on a non-degree degree seeking basis need not apply for admission, but should contact the Student Service Center in Seidlin Hall for information about registration.

Credit hours earned "non-degree" before admission to an Alfred University graduate degree program may or may not be applicable toward the degree sought. If denied admission, the applicant may not register for further non-degree graduate work.

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Standardized tests

Standardized testing requirements vary by program. The Alfred University Institution Code is 2005.

Graduate Record Exam (GRE)
GRE general section scores are required for applicants to the following degree programs:

  • Doctor of Psychology (Psy. D.)
  • Master of Art /Certificate of Advanced Study School Psychology (M.A./CAS)
  • Master of Science in Education / Certificate of Advanced Study Counseling (M.S. Ed./CAS)

Applicants to the following degree programs are encouraged to submit official scores of the general section of the GRE:

  • Master of Science (M.S.)
    • Biomaterials Engineering Science
    • Ceramic Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Glass Science
    • Materials Science and Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
    • Ceramics
    • Glass Science
    • Materials Science and Engineering

NYS Teacher Certification Examinations
NYS Provisional Certification is necessary for admission to the Literacy Program. Applicants must pass the first two sections of the NYS Teacher Certification Examinations (LAST and ATS-W). An admission decision cannot be made until we have received the examination scores. If you are interested in receiving professional certification in the field of your provisional (initial) certification, a CST score must also be submitted.

English Proficiency Testing
The language of instruction at Alfred University is English. All international applicants who have not received a baccalaureate or master's degree from a US institution must take one of the following examinations:

    Written Exam: A score of 590 or better (550 for the MFA program)
    Internet Based Test: A score of 90 or better (80 for the MFA program)
    A score of 6.5 (6.0 for the MFA program) or better is required.

We exempt only English-speaking citizens of Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Bermuda, Jamaica, Trinidad, and the West Indies.

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M.B.A. applicants are required to submit a professional resume with their application. Other applicants to the Graduate School are encouraged to submit a professional resume or curriculum vitae.

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Letters of recommendation

Applicants to the following programs must submit three letters of recommendation:

  • M.A./CAS in School Psychology
  • Psy.D. in School Psychology
  • M.S. Ed./CAS in Counseling
  • Ph.D. in Engineering (Materials Science, Glass Science and Ceramics)

Applicants to all other graduate programs must submit two letters of recommendation.

Format for letters
Applicants may choose one of the following submission options:

  1. A traditional letter may be submitted in a sealed envelope via mail, or electronically via email to provided it comes directly from the recommender’s professional email account. Photocopies, unsealed letters sent by the applicant, or letters sent through the applicant’s email address will not be accepted.
  2. A Reference Report, available online, may be printed, completed, signed, and submitted via mail, or scanned and emailed as above.
  3. A traditional letter of recommendation and the Reference Report may be submitted together either via mail or email.
  4. MFA letters of recommendation will be submitted via SlideRoom and should not be submitted via mail or email.


Statement of intent

Applicants must submit a written statement describing career goals and reasons for the chosen field of graduate study. Outline topics of special interest and include relevant experience such as internships, co-ops, or other professional activities.

Doctor of Psychology

Applicants to the Psy.D. program must include a statement of research interests in addition to the statement of intent.

Graduate Engineering/Science

  • M.S. applicants - must submit a statement summarizing the applicant's research experience, career goals, and research interests. Applicants wishing to work with individual professors or on specific projects should describe such interests in the statement.
  • Ph.D. applicants - must submit a detailed statement regarding the applicant's research experience, career goals, and research interests. Applicants wishing to work with individual professors or on specific projects should describe such interests in the statement. Ph.D. applicants should give as much information as possible regarding specific research interests.

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Official transcripts

Applicants must provide official transcripts/mark sheets (in English) from each and every college or university previously attended, including proof that he/she holds the baccalaureate degree. These records must be sent directly from the college or university with appropriate certifications. Photocopies or facsimiles are not accepted.

Applicants who are currently enrolled should submit a transcript (official academic record) of courses completed to date along with the application; as soon as coursework is completed a final transcript and degree certificate should be submitted. The records should show a complete list of courses taken, grades received, and any diplomas or certificates earned.

International students
For more information on submitting non-U.S. transcripts/mark sheets, review the International Student Requirements.

Transfer graduate credits

  • Transfer credit evaluations from other accredited institutions shall be made by the Dean or appointed representative of the college in which the student is enrolled or wishes to enroll.
  • No more than six semester credit hours of graduate work, or 20% of coursework, whichever is greater, may be transferred into a master’s degree or certificate of advanced studies program.
  • Doctoral programs permit up to 50% of coursework as transfer credits.
  • No transfer of credit is permitted for the M.F.A. degree.

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An interview is required for admission to the following graduate programs:

  • M.A./CAS in School Psychology
  • M.S. Ed. in Literacy
  • M.S. Ed./CAS in Counseling
  • Psy.D. in School Psychology

M.B.A. applicants may be asked to interview as part of the application review process.

M.F.A. (Masters of Fine Arts) interviews are not required. The optional M.F.A. interview may be scheduled only during the fall semester, while classes are in session. M.F.A. applicants interested in scheduling a visit to the School of Art & Design should contact Billie Burns by phone 607.871.2442, or email.

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Health and immunization records

All students must comply with New York State health and immunization requirements and submit health forms and records requested by the University.
View required health forms.