Alumni - An AU Love Story
Joshua '01 and Sarah (Glynn) '03 Arzt

Joshua '01 and Sarah (Glynn) '03 ArztIt was March 2001. Sarah and I knew each other for a long time but never more than passing acquaintances through groups of friends. At that time I was heavily involved with running Lambda Chi Alpha as well as partaking in several music groups and she was busy with several special interest groups; one of which I happened to be a member of.

So, one evening I decided to finally come to a meeting since my schedule was calmer than normal, and I had not seen her in a long time. For some reason I took special interest in her as she led a few meeting objectives. I had never really noticed her like that before and wasn't sure what changed. I decided to just go with it and take a chance.

I decided to walk her back to her room at the Brick, but had to leave shortly after because I was on deck to do my Saturday evening radio show at WALF. We were outside in the snow about to part ways and I found myself asking her to come to my show. She acted shy and non-committal, looking for any excuse to say no and run back to her room. So, like an idiot I got down on one knee in the snow and asked her to my show marriage-style. She was unable to resist.

A day or 2 later, we were together and have been ever since.