Alumni - An AU Love Story
Ron ’75 and Ellen (Pogany) '76 Beigel

I met Ellen in the fall of 1972. She was a freshman and I was a sophomore.  She was one out of a table full of girls at the Pub. It was love at first sight, at least for me.  Her curly hair made her stand out, among all that long hair back then, including mine.  With her big hoop earrings, I thought she was Puerto Rican.

We ran into each other a few days later. I called her “Pub,” not knowing her name, even though I still had her number written on the back of my hand. I told her she would never have to worry about her future because I would take care of her.  It was an empty promise, but a good line. In retrospect, it may have been a bit too strong for someone only 18.

I was from Queens, she was from Jersey. I felt like I’d already lived several lives by the time I landed in Alfred. She was just starting out. We had our first date during Christmas break in NYC, culminating at McSorley’s in Greenwich Village, another pub. We were on again, off again until the summer of ’73 when we became permanent.

We married in May 1979 and threw a party for our friends in a loft on Mercer Street. Alfred friends, Nina (Schoenbaum) Lomax ' 76, Lester Saldinger '73, Margaret (Levine) Calvi '76, Joe Kurta '74, David Einsidler '76, Jill (Sussman) Walla '76, Barbara (Jasper) Aferiat '76, Gary Miller '74 and Charlie “Demian” Kiesling '73 were there.

We have an amazing daughter, Elizabeth, now 24, and wonder, from a parent’s perspective, how we could have connected with each other at such a young age. I regularly ask Ellen, “Have you fallen in love with me at first sight yet?” The truth is, our marriage is the easiest thing in our life.