Alumni - An AU Love Story
Tom Gizara '67 and Jeanne (Gustafson) '68 Gizara

If it wasn't for Alfred, I wouldn't have met my wife. We first met in a math class where she thought that I was the dumbest guy there. We met again in a sociology class where she thought that I was fairly smart. She asked if I had a twin brother.

We started dating in the spring of 66. Military ball, lectures, study times, Campus Center, dates "down the road" and lots of kissing outside of AKO. It was slow driving for me back to my apartment in the basement of the Catholic Church on the Tech side of town because the windows were all steamed up.

We broke up in the winter of 67. I went off to the Army and later Vietnam. Thanks to the yearbook where they print our home addresses, Jeanne was able to write to me. I proposed to her as soon as I came home from Vietnam. We have been married since December, 1969.

We returned to Alfred once. We tried kissing on the porch of AKO for old time sake. The porch is still there. The kisses are still great and we still steam up the car windows. Love started at Alfred and it still goes on.