Alumni - An AU Love Story
John Kalish '07 and Libby Hart '07

We met in the morning on the first day of freshman orientation, in the Hornell hotel we were both staying in with our parents. We were both literally the first AU student the other one met. We were staying in the Comfort Inn in Hornell and were having continental breakfast before heading over to campus to start orientation. John had put a bagel in the toaster, walked away and a few moments later my mom wanted to use the toaster but couldn't because of the bagel. She announced that someone left their bagel in the toaster and John came running over to claim it and apologize. Later we bumped into John and his family (or “bagel boy” when my dad tells this story) again about an hour later as we were checking out of the hotel. Our parents started talking to each other and found out that we were both starting at Alfred. They small-talked for awhile asking all the usual questions: where are they from, what is John majoring in, etc..., while John and I hung back, too nervous about starting college to really talk to each other. We checked out of the hotel, drove to campus, found the dorm and started unpacking the car.

At this point, my mom did mention that she thought that John was a very nice boy. Soon after us their car also pulled up at Tefft and we discovered that John and I were in the same dorm, and in fact he was in the room directly above mine! We exchanged smiles and awkward nods at each other while passing each other on the stairs while carrying up our stuff. My parents say that on the way home (after my mom stopped crying) mom talked about John saying that at least I had already made one friend. My dad laughed saying that mom had talked to him more than I had, which was totally true. She shrugged it off saying that she just had a good feeling about him. We saw each other a lot during the next few days of orientation, and by the first day of class we were officially going out (my mom still loves to point out that she was right about “bagel boy”). We were together all four years of college and then moved to Boston after graduating in 2007 because I was heading to graduate school at Brandeis University. We got engaged last February and are getting married in Boston on October 3rd.

Thanks AU!