Alumni - An AU Love Story
Michael '01 and Rae (Watts) La Fountaine '01

Michael ‘01 and Rae (Watts) La Fountaine ‘01President Coll had a famous speech he would deliver each year to the incoming freshman before they signed the AU charter. Look around the room, he would say, and you may see your future spouse. Little did we know how true that was!

Through some fluke in housing during our freshman year, Mike ended up in a double on an all girls floor in Openhym. Fate placed Rae in the room across the hall. Mike first noticed her distinctive blonde streak from across the lawn during orientation and he knew this was the girl for him. Later that weekend, at the Video Dance Party in the Knight Club, Mike asked Rae to dance. They started talking instead and headed off to the Alfred Sub Shop to continue the conversation. Mike had a root beer float. Rae was too nervous to have anything. The friendship evolved sharing many late night chats, lunches and dinners at Powell, and Alfred nightlife. It soon became clear that their friendship was much more and the two began dating the second semester of freshman year. Rae knew it was true love when Mike unpacked/packed her extensive Ikea furniture collection without fail at the beginning and end of each year.

Michael ‘01 and Rae (Watts) La Fountaine ‘01Their favorite memories include weekend road trips through the Finger Lakes, dates at the Jet, parties at the language house, Sunday sundae bar and Midnight breakfast. They especially treasure the memory of their annual end of the semester book sell-off. To think, with their pooled $12 they could get a pizza and two drinks delivered to the dorm room. Ah life was so simple then!

Mike and Rae were married in May 2005 and several AU friends attended the wedding. Though they now juggle real life responsibilities, each year together grows sweeter.