Baccalaureate Scholarship

The Baccalaureate Scholarship Program helps to keep an Alfred University education affordable for students. Your gift extends the opportunity to qualified students who otherwise would not be able to share in the Alfred Experience.

To make a gift to the Baccalaureate Scholarship Fund

Briana Cappiello '13, a pre-vet major in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, tells how the Baccalaureate Scholarship Program helped her:

The first time I visited Alfred, I fell in love with it. I visited other schools too, but when I set foot on campus, I knew Alfred University was the place I wanted to be.

I have a passion for working with animals. As a pre-vet major, I have taken every opportunity AU has to offer at its Equestrian Center where I take science classes, participate on the equestrian team, and gain valuable hands-on experience for grad school. Last summer I had an incredible internship with a veterinarian and was able to put my Alfred knowledge to use!

Everyone here is so friendly and genuine; that’s one of the things that make Alfred so special. My professors have had a great influence on me and my classmates. They really care and go above and beyond to guide us in making decisions about what we want to do, and then help us be confident we’re making the right decisions. 

When I received scholarships in my financial aid package I realized that I would actually be able to attend this University. As a student fund-raiser, I get to speak with many alumni who say one of the reasons they give back is because they received a scholarship or financial aid as a student. I’d say that’s another thing that makes Alfred so special; giving back to allow future students an opportunity to take advantage of everything here.

Alfred offers so much to students. I am grateful to be part of the AU family and thanks to your generous support, I’m discovering that I can do more with my Alfred experience than I ever imagined.

With your help the Baccalaureate Scholarship Program will continue to allow students the same amazing opportunities I am so thankful for.