Going Green

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Ann's House, is a new 48-bed residence hall with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
Green Building Rating System gold certification.

AU's student initiated organization, RePo (Reusable Materials Depot,) recognizes a need to recycle excess
and discarded supplies from art students, faculty, business, and residents for use by other art students.

Students from Alfred University and Alfred State College used recycled materials to create a new bus stop for the village.

Students join their professor and staff to build window well enclosures that protect wildlife

The student-initiated Alfred Bike Hub, a bicycle lending and storage program for students supports
the ultimate in sustainable energy, while promoting over-all health and well-being. Students
have the opportunity to have both short or long-term use and winter storage.

AU students go green in their garden.

AU students adopt a section of Interstate Rt. 86.

Alfred University has been able to reduce waste by more than 10 percent by foregoing trays in the dining halls.

AU partners with AVI Food Service to encourage responsible re-use.

The University is adding hybrid cars to its fleet so that Admissions staff and other employees travel "greener."

AU is experimenting with an electric truck designed for "on-campus" use only, with a regulated speed of twenty five miles per hour.

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Ann's House, is a new 48-bed residence hall with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
Green Building Rating System gold certification.


Alfred University's colors may be purple and gold, but the campus is definitely going green!

  • Measuring our carbon footprint
    One of our residence halls, Tefft Hall, received an upgrade to a high efficiency boiler in 2010. Tefft shares the exact same floor plan with Moskowitz Hall which provided us with the unique opportunity to measure energy usage in the two buildings. Our Energy Lab website shows real time gas flow in each building updating every minute. Check out our average gas flow, gas usage, efficiency and how we are doing with greenhouse emissions to date.
  • Ann's House: new 48-bed residence hall with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System gold certification opened Fall 2010
    - solar panels to provide at least 8% of electricity used
    - high-efficiency heating system
    - low VOC (volatile organic compound) flooring, caulking and paint
    - low-e, thermopane windows
    - soy-based foam insulation
    - LED lighting (and TVs!)
    - heat-recovery exhaust system - regionally grown building materials
    - natural stone and cement composite siding

  • Sustainable Dining
    - AU was one of the first universities to remove trays from the dining halls with significant results
    - We are increasing the percentage of locally-purchased food
    - Beginning in 2009, incoming students received a Travel Mug with incentives for using them in the dining halls and retail areas
    - We use eco-friendly chemicals for washing dishes, pans, untensils, etc.
    - Pre-consumer waste is composted in conjunction with our student groups and Alfred State College
    - Weekly 'no fryer' days in our dining halls
  • Recycling
    - All residence halls have inside recycling bins
    - Student recycling coordinators have been hired to sort/pick-up recycling in the residence halls
    - We collaborated with student group GreenAlfred to create consistent signage for all recycling areas throughout campus
    - Increased student education in our residence halls about recycling and green initiatives
    - Zero Sort for all residential, academic and administrative buildings
  • Student Innovations
    - Take a bike! Students, faculty and staff can borrow bikes and helmets from the Saxon Bike Hub for a short jaunt, or regular trips around campus.
    - GreenAlfred, a student group devoted to environmental issues, won the 2008 Richard V. Bergren Student Innovation Award. At the urging of GreenAlfred, President Edmondson signed the Presidents Climate Commitment.
    - Another winner of the Richard V. Bergren Student Innovation Award, this one in 2007, was RePO, a student-led initiative to recyle materials for art projects.
    - Alfred University and Alfred State College students together created a new bus shelter for Main Street in Alfred, using recycled materials for the bench seats.
  • Equestrian Center
    - Purchased a bulk feeder providing energy savings
    - A hay storage barn was built in the summer of 2010, fully funded through the Maris Cuneo Foundation. This addition greatly decreased costs and eliminated the need of weekly deliveries of hay
    - Reduced the building heat by 5 - 10 degrees
  • 'Green' laundry, and not because someone left crayons in their pockets!
    AU residence halls are equipped with brand new, front-loading, energy-efficient laundry machines. They are also equipped with "Laundry View" which allows you to check online from your room to see which machines are available and which have finished their cycle.

  • Parents of new students are invited to join a private Yahoo Group rather than receive a brochure. The Yahoo Group allows parents the opportunity to ask each other, and current parents, questions about sending their children to Alfred University.
  • With a grant from the New York Energy Research and Development Authority, Alfred University will be adding solar panels to the roof of the Science Center to generate 48.88 kilowatts of solar energy. With the new panels, Alfred University hits nearly two-thirds of its goal to generate at least 100 kW of solar energy on campus.
  • Council on Green Efforts
    - Coordinating body for environmental efforts at AU
    - Helping to reduce AU's carbon footprint
    - Fulfilling the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment
    Convened in Fall 2009 by President Edmondson, the current membership represents the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, School of Art & Design, Inamori School of Engineering, Student Affairs, Physical Plant, AU's Libraries and, of course, students.

Are you doing something green on campus we aren't aware of? Or do you have suggestions for new initiatives? Fill out our online form!