McComsey Career Development Center
Saxon Career Volunteer Network

What Students Say...

"Very helpful to me in many ways. I do not think I could be on the correct path, or even know what the correct path is without the CDC."

Saxon Career Volunteers are individuals, usually Alfred alumni, willing to support current students and fellow alumni with career or graduate school advice.

Kinds of support

  • Career advice/mentoring - talk to students about how their major might translate into a future job.
  • Assist with relocation - help students who relocate to your area with advice about housing, economical places to shop, good companies to work for.
  • Assist with placement - you might be in a position to accept students for internships/co-ops or you might be able to accept or pass along resumes to someone else in your organization.
  • Participate in events - become involved in CDC events on campus or around the country. We like to bring in alumni from various fields to talk with groups of students about their work.

Time commitment varies according to your wishes. An hour phone call, a 15 minute email response, a couple of hours to attend an AU event in your town, a day at Alfred to talk to students (individually or in groups), or a resume critique... we are grateful for whatever time you can give.

To become a Saxon Career Volunteer or if you need to update your information please complete this form.

To use the Saxon Career Volunteer Network email us your preferred industries and geographic areas and we'll send you a list of volunteers.