Graduate School : Corning Literacy

Program Description
The graduate program in Literacy (Birth through Grade 6) is designed to prepare teachers of literacy as consultants, program coordinators, specialists, and classroom teachers (Birth through Grade 6). The program emphasizes the practical application of current reading approaches, strategies, materials, methodologies, goal assessment, techniques, evaluation, and professional responsibilities of a literacy teacher.

The Master's in Literacy leads to initial certification in Birth through Grade 6 Literacy, and meets the requirements for professional certification in the student's initial certification area. In addition, students who complete the Master's in Literacy and the Literacy CST will fulfill the requirements for professional certification in Literacy Birth through Grade 6. Applicants are required to provide proof of initial certification and should contact their local BOCES, UFT or NYS Certification Office to clarify the requirements for initial certification. Please note: this program is designed for students who have already achieved initial certification in education.

Field Experience and Master's Project
Students conclude their Master's Degree by completing the field experience and master's project. This course emphasizes the selection of literacy materials, grouping practices, and literacy strategies for small and large groups in a public school setting. This experience coordinates the literacy curriculum with various school personnel and stresses the development of parental programs at the Early Childhood/Childhood levels. Designed to be a culminating project for those who have completed the majority of coursework in the program. May be designed with special research or practical orientation.

Program Sequence
Actual courses and sequence are subject to change.

Semester Courses Course Descriptions
Semester 1 EDUC 504
SPED 556
Diagnostic & Remedial Techniques in Literacy (course takes place on Alfred campus)
Teaching Students with Disabilities (course takes place on Alfred campus)
Semester 2 EDUC 505
EDUC 513
EDUC 503
Literacy in the Content Area
Children's Literature in the Classroom
Competency in the Teaching of Literacy
Semester 3 EDUC 507
EDUC 695
EDUC 542
SPED 545
Literacy Seminar & Field Experience (6 credits)
Master's Project
Teacher-Learning Process
Learning Disabilities


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