Women's Leadership Center
Advisory Board

The Judson Leadership Center benefits from an Advisory Board which acts as a resource for information, advice, and support for the Director. The Advisory Board holds formal meetings twice per year. As of July 2011, Board members included:

Alfred University Student and Advisor
Ms. Pamela Bernstein '71
Ms. Christa Nyman Christakis '01
Ms. Jessica Gottlieb Empestan, '98
Ms. Virginia Simms George
Dr. Laura Greyson
Ms. Teri Knopf '88
Ms. Christine P. Kulp '71
Mr. Mark McFadden '99
Mr. Chris Robinson, '86
Ms. Susan Rogers '75, '77
Dr. Nannette Stangle-Castor, '94
Ms. Sherry Walton, '80, '88
Ms. Lori Wellman
Ms. Kathy Woughter '93
Dr. Peggy Wozniak '72