AU People

AU People Alfred alumnae, twin sisters Doreen Barnhart DeHart and Jeaneen Barnhart, started painting at an early age, with the help and encouragement of their artistic family members. After graduating in 1985 from South Florida's Jupiter High School, the twins attended Alfred University in Upstate New York. Doreen received her BFA concentration in Graphic Design and Jeaneen received her BFA in Painting. Soon after graduation, Doreen moved to Louisville for a job opportunity, and since the sisters liked staying close, Jeaneen soon followed. It did not take long before Jeaneen's talents were discovered, and in 1994, the sisters worked side-by-side on their first Kentucky Derby Festival poster. This combination of Jeaneen's art and Doreen's design was the inspiration that led them to their own business, "Twinspired: Art + Design." While successfully pursuing separate careers, the twins collaborated on many projects, such as the 1996 PGA Golf Experience Poster, 1997 Kentucky Derby Festival Poster and the 1999 St. James Court Art Show Poster (Louisville, KY). They also partnered on projects for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Ball and Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure's Pink Tie Ball. For Doreen, her experience at AU along with the ‘Freshman Foundations’ class has been crucial in jumpstarting her career in graphic design. “It was completely different than what we had ever imagined,” said Doreen. “AU was a great atmosphere of expressive people.” “My experience at Alfred U changed my life as an artist, then and now,” said Jeaneen. “My professors knocked me down from the pedestal of my own greatness to a humble open-minded little sponge, waiting to absorb important messages of the day.” Doreen and Jeaneen’s fondest memory at AU still remains their senior year. For Doreen, it was her senior show. “This show represented my entire experience,” said Doreen. As for Jeaneen, her senior year, as well as the rest of her Alfred experience, was crucial to her growth as a person and an artist. She made some long-lasting friendships and polished her artistic skills. Finally, Doreen and Jeaneen’s advice for future or current students is to take advantage of everything AU has to offer and don’t take criticism personally!