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Alfred University named to select group of 'Voter Friendly Campuses'

Alfred University students on voter registration day

Alfred University students on voter registration day

Alfred University is one of 83 campuses in 23 states designated as a “voter-friendly campus” through an initiative led by national non-partisan organizations Campus Vote Project (CVP) and NASPA – Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education to hold participating institutions accountable for planning and implementing practices to encourage students to register and vote.

            The efforts on the Alfred University campus were led by Tricia Debertolis, assistant dean of New Student Programs; Ana Devlin Gauthier, the former coordinator of the Judson Leadership Center, and Corey Fecteau, Service Learning coordinator. Student members were Valerie Bynaar, a senior biology major and a resident assistant, and David Canfield, a Student Senate representation. An ad hoc member from the Political Science department joined the group as needed.

            Community partners included the Allegany County Board of Elections.

            “Our access to training and working with our local Board of Elections office, along with support from our University president (Mark Zupan), helped us to make a significant impact on our campus,” Debertolis and Fecteau wrote in their final report to the adjudicators. They said they were able to enlist support from other areas, such as the University library staff and the Political Science Club on campus, that were not originally part of the effort, but who contributed to its successes.

            Alfred University and other campuses were evaluated on their activities in four broad categories: voter registration, voter education, ballot access, and getting out the vote for the November 2016 election.