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Alfred University Professor of Dance Chase Angier exhibits in Iceland

A portion of Professor Chase Angier's exhibit at AIMS Art Gallery.

A portion of Professor Chase Angier's exhibit at AIMS Art Gallery.

Alfred University Professor of Dance D. Chase Angier recently returned from a SIMS (Samband Islenskra Myndlistamanna or Association of Icelandic Visual Artists) Icelandic residency during which she delivered a lecture at the SIMS Art Gallery, in Reykjavik, and created a new work that was exhibited at the gallery.

Angier’s video artwork, immersed in blue, included her collaboration with Icelandic musicians Ragnheiði Maríu Benediktsdóttur and Guðlaugu Fríðu Helgadóttur Folkmann, audio recordings collected along the shore between Hellnar and Arnarstapi, and images she filmed at the Breiðholt Festival in Breiðholt.

 “I shared the exhibition with my fellow SIM resident artists from China, Mexico, Germany, The United Kingdom, Lithuania, Australia, and Canada,” Angier writes. “It was an amazing group of selected artists who brought a variety of perspectives and experiences to the residency.

 “My research was centered around dissolving boarders between internal and external landscapes through embodied research involved swimming, walking, and stillness,” Angier adds. “The most influential experience of the residency was my active engagement with the landscape.  That was where real change and a new understanding occurred for me.  I traveled to conduct fieldwork in several locations in southern, southeastern, western, northern, and north-eastern landscapes. … These discoveries will be integrated into my coursework, continued research, and art work.”

Angier will review her trip at a Bergren Forum scheduled for Nov. 16. Her trip to Iceland received support through Alfred University’s International Fellowship for Faculty Development.