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Trustee Bill Pullman H'11 recalls the time John Candy had his back

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of “Spaceballs,” director Mel Brooks’ spoof of “Star Wars” that has become a “cult classic,” according to the New York Times, Actor Bill Pullman – who also happens to be an Alfred University trustee and recipient of an honorary degree in 2011 – recalls legendary actor John Candy befriended him.


Making his movie debut, Pullman admits “I was a bit lost — maybe I had been a bit foggy since we started — consumed with a sense of panic that I had gotten in way over my head. These were comic actors who could effortlessly — and frequently — get rolling thunderclaps of laughs from the crew.”


Candy helped to put him at ease, something Pullman recalls gratefully three decades – and many, many movies—later.


Pullman’s new series, “The Sinner,” had its premiere Aug. 2 on USA Network, and earned a favorable review from the New York Times.