AU Press Releases

Alumni, faculty member featured in national quarterly

Two alumni and a faculty member are featured in a front-page article of the spring 2006 edition of nlgja Outlook, the quarterly publication of the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association.

In an article by Kevin Riordan entitled “Many Journalists Have Used NLGJA Opportunities to Advance Their Careers,” Sebastian White ’03, communications analyst at the New York headquarters of JetBlue Airways, notes he has been an NLGJA member since 2002 and served as secretary/treasurer of the Boston chapter. He said the 2002 convention was an “eye-opener” for him. “I thought I was a hotshot writer, but as soon as I found myself practicing with some of the industry’s top journalists, even just for a few days, I knew I had a ways to go,” he said. “Being in such successful company truly helped motivate me to work harder, write better and learn more.”

Three other NLGJA members are in the communications office at JetBlue and White noted that when applying for his current job he knew there would be a strong support system.

Chagmion Antoine ’04 is a broadcast associate and reporter for CBS News on LOGO. After deciding as a senior to pursue a journalism career, she asked Dr. Robyn Goodman, Alfred University associate professor of communications and NLGJA member, for help. “She gave me a list of things to do and people to contact. I followed her suggestions religiously,” said Antoine.

Goodman says many of her students have used NLGJA as a stepping-stone to establishing their careers. She sees the organization, among other things, as a way for young journalists to find mentors.

NLGJA has another AU connection; Pamela Strother ’91 is executive director.