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University goes 'GreenAlfred'

Students on the Alfred University campus have taken the earth’s pollution problems into their own hands by forming the club called GreenAlfred. This club has taken action across campus to save energy and make students more aware of ways to recycle and help the environment.

Its motto, “GreenAlfred, it’s more than a name, it’s an action” has proved itself to be true. Club adviser, Kathryn Hilfinger, an access services assistant/secretary in Herrick Library, said “every week we are bringing new ideas to the table.”

Club president, Andrew Ivovich, a senior materials science and engineering major from Annandale, NJ, is currently in contact with the Allegany County recycling coordinator to make improvements with waste management on campus. Also, University President Dr. Charles M. Edmondson has recently signed the President’s Climate Commitment whish has firmly established Alfred’s pledge to address the University’s environmental impact.

One major goal for this school year is to implement and maintain outdoor recycling in public area across campus, said Ivovich. Last year GreenAlfred set up recycling at Hot Dog Day and plans to do it again this year on a larger scale.

The members of GreenAlfred are also working with others on campus to help accomplish their mission, “to advance the recycling system throughout campus, to pursue alternative energy, and to promote sustainability.” They have recently worked with Dining Services to eliminate trays in the dining halls. They have also worked with AVI food service in the “Love of the Earth Dinner.”

In the spring, GreenAlfred will be working with AU’s Support Staff Council on the “Dump and Run” project. This is an event where students can drop off all their unwanted items instead of throwing them into dumpsters at the end of the academic year. The items will then be donated to a good cause.

Although GreenAlfred is young, its advisers David and Kathryn Hilfinger and active student staff are making great waves on the Alfred campus.