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Stull Observatory listed on 'Amazing' Web site for 'Space Geeks'

Alfred University’s Stull Observatory has been named #86 on the “100 Amazing Video and Image Collections for Space Geeks.”

The article can be found online at The Website is dedicated to the videos, photos, and other multimedia collections of space.

The list is broken down into six sections. Stull Observatory is listed under the “Academics & Observatories” section.

The Stull Observatory is located on the campus of Alfred University in Alfred, NY, about two hours south of Rochester. The Observatory contains a unique combination of instruments, all of which are used for the education of undergraduate students. Students with backgrounds ranging from non-science students fulfilling a science requirement to students bound for astronomy graduate school are offered extensive, hands-on experience with telescopes having apertures ranging from 8 inches to 32 inches.

The Observatory serves as the cornerstone for the astronomy minor program, as well as the astrophysics concentration in the physics major.

There are five faculty members associated with the observatory (four full-time and one emeritus). Research interests of the faculty include minor planets and meteors, solar flares, ccd photometry of variable stars, and extragalactic astronomy. Students are often involved with faculty in ongoing research projects.