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Put some ‘Spring’ into someone’s life …

Treat your significant other, family, friends or yourself to a bunch of daffodils to raise money and awareness for the American Cancer Society. Alfred University’s Colleges Against Cancer/Relay for Life Club is sponsoring the fundraiser on campus.

During the week of March 23, The American Cancer Society will be delivering gift orders of fresh cut Daffodils to Alfred University with a personal note from you. Complete the form below and send it with your payment of $10 for each bunch of 10 flowers, or $25 for an exclusive Boyd Bear with a bunch of 10flowers. All orders must be received by Wednesday, March 4, 2009.

For more information call the local American Cancer Society office at (585) 288-1950. Please provide information below about the person receiving the daffodils, so we can contact them to let them know the time and place to pick up their flowers.

Receiver’s Name:

Receiver’s E-mail Address:

Receiver’s Address (please be specific):

Room #: Phone #:

Message to Receiver from you:

Your Name: Phone #:

Bunches ordered ___________ Total Due: $____________ ($10.00 per bunch)

Bear and a Bunch ordered ________ Total Due: $_________ ($25.00 per bear & bunch)

Accepted methods of payment Personal Check, Money Order, Cashier Check:
Made payable to the American Cancer Society.

Credit Card #___________________________________________ Exp. Date______________

Name & Address on Card _______________________________________________________


Return to: American Cancer Society
Daffodils College Orders – Alfred University
1400 Winton Rd. North
Rochester, NY 14609

Remember you have until March 4, 2009 to place your order.
The Receiver will be able to pick up their flowers the week of March 16, 2009.