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Learning Initiative hosts student event at Alfred University Equestrian Center

Students from Hornell’s Salvation Army after-school program recently took part in a Children and Youth Learning Initiative (CYLI) event at the Alfred University Equestrian Center.
The visiting students were able to explore some of the tools and equipment related and used in equine science. As the draft horses pulled the wagon around Foster Lake one student said “This is awesome.”
The event represents the second time that CYLI has integrated a group of middle school students with college students on campus.
“It’s fun to watch the kids interact with the [college] students here, their enthusiasm is really unbelievable,” said Rebecca Christofiora, a CYLI volunteer.
“Some people aren’t aware that we are here at all, and many of these kids had no idea that you could ride horses competitively in college,” said Shannon Lovejoy, an AU undergrad and member of the Western riding team.
According to Christopher Romanchock, CYLI coordinator, the program has served over 500 Allegany County youth since August 2008. CYLI is planning on expanding next year into an additional three schools in the county, while still partnering with groups in western Steuben County.
“I am really pleased to see this wonderful program flourish. I am proud of what we have done so far this year, but am really looking forward to next year too,” said Romanchock.