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Association of Glass and Pottery Manufacturers create scholarship for Alfred University students

Daniel Vuono, a senior majoring in materials science and engineering in the Kazuo Inamori School of Engineering at Alfred University is this year’s recipient of a scholarship from the Association of Glass and Pottery Manufacturers(AGPM)

The AGPM is an association, founded in 1923, to promote the glass and pottery industries in the United States through public exhibitions and education.

“Our Association has worked with Alfred University for at least five years, beginning with our internship project,” which paired an art student with an engineering student each year for an internship at one of the member companies, explained Robert Gonze, who chairs an association committee working to enhance recognition of the glass and pottery manufacturing segment and encourage recruitment at the collegiate level.

“In addition, our industry and several members of our Association have a long history with the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University and appreciate the fine industry/academia relationship that exists,” said Gonze.

The materials-based engineering programs at Alfred – biomedical materials science engineering, ceramic engineering, glass science and materials science – are part of the state-supported College of Ceramics at AU and are included, along with electrical and mechanical engineering, in the Inamori School of Engineering. The College of Ceramics also includes the School of Art & Design, with its top-rated programs in ceramic art and glass art.

“Our project committee decided last year to move from internships to scholarships in an effort to find a meaningful way to help the industry, and to encourage students to think about our industry,” said Gonze. He believes the association’s three-year commitment to fund the scholarships could be a “win-win-win situation for the students, the school and our industry.”

Vuono, a graduate of Dallastown (PA) Area High School, is a son of Charles and Jan Vuono of Dallastown. Current members of the AGPM include: Blenko Glass Company, Inc., Burley Clay Products, Inc., CMS USA, Inc., Custom Deco, Inc., Fenton Glass Art Co., Glassautomatic, The Hall China Co., The Homer Laughlin China Co., Inc., Lenox, Inc., McCoy Limited, Saint-Gobain Container Co., Simon Pearce Glass Co., Steuben Glass, and Treasured Editions Co.