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Dibrell honored for 25 years' service to University

Dr. William Dibrell, professor of philosophy in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, was recognized for 25 years of service to Alfred University during the annual Honors Convocation. Dibrell came of AU in 1983 as a member of what is now the Division of Human Studies in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.

During his tenure at Alfred University, Dibrell has taught 26 different undergraduate courses, ranging from philosophy of language to the nature of personal identity, earning a Joseph Kruson Trust Fund Excellence in Teaching Award in 2002.

He has published essays on such diverse topics as biomedical ethics, Dionysius, and parenting, in addition to giving papers and organizing professional meetings.

His service to the University includes work on several committees and chairing the Division of Human Studies.

In the community, he is a long-time member of the A.E. Crandall Hook and Ladder Co., the volunteer organization that provides fire protection and emergency medical care (rescue squad) to the Alfred community. He has been a chief of the department, and is now firefighter and emergency medical technician.

Dibrell earned a B.A. degree in philosophy and English from San Diego State University in 1971, and a master’s in philosophy from the same institution in 1974. He received a Ph.D. in philosophy from Michigan State University in 1979. He taught at Central Michigan University prior to joining the AU faculty.