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Princeton Review reports AU 'one of best' for undergraduate education

The 2010 edition of The Princeton Review Guidebook: “The Best 371 Colleges” lists Alfred University as “one of the country’s best institutions for undergraduate education.” The University’s radio station, WALF-FM, is also ranked in the book as 13th best out of the 371 colleges and universities included in the guide.

Only about 15 percent of America’s 2,500 four-year college and two Canadian colleges are profiled in the book.

“Being highly ranked is nothing new for Alfred University, but we always appreciate the recognition and the reassurance to our students and their families they have chosen an outstanding institution,” said Alfred University President Dr. Charles M. Edmondson.

The Review notes that students say: “Alfred offers tons of majors and minors within four different undergraduate schools” (art, engineering, liberal arts and sciences, business) and the University “does a good job of integrating the four very distinct schools into one cohesive whole so you can make friends from absolutely every conceivable background while pursuing any course of study.”

The book notes “AU offers its breadth of academic options on an intimate scale,” quoting one student saying: “The size of the school is a strength. Because the school is so small (undergraduate enrollment posted as 1,971), students have chances that they might never have had at other schools. Some of the best friends I have made here are upperclassmen who I probably would not have met had I gone to a larger school. In such a small school, everyone also has the chance to make his or her voice heard in a way that probably cannot happen at larger schools.”

“We commend Alfred University for its outstanding academics, which is the primary criteria for our choice of schools for the book,” said Robert Franek, Princeton’s Review’s vice president of publishing and author of “The Best 371 Colleges.” He added, “We make our choices based on institutional data we gather about schools, feedback from students attending them, and input four our staff who visit hundreds of colleges a year. We also value the opinions and suggestions of our 23-member national College Counselor Advisory Board, and independent college counselors we hear from yearlong.”

The Princeton Review’s 62 ranking lists, including AU’s radio station ranking, in “The Best 371 Colleges” are entirely based on its survey of 122,000 students (about 325 per campus on average) attending the colleges in the book. The 80-question survey asks students to rate their schools on several topics and report on their campus experiences at them. Topics range from student assessments of their professors, administrators, financial aid, and campus food.

School profiles and ranking lists in “The Best 371 Colleges” can be found on the Princeton Review Web site at where users can read facts about the book, they survey, and the criteria for each of the ratings and rankings.