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‘The Heart of Art’ student theater production ready for AU stage

Alfred University Performing Arts Division presents “The Heart of Art” by Michael Weller, Wednesday through Saturday, Sept. 30 – Oct. 3, in the CD Smith Theatre, Miller Performing Arts Center. Show times are at 8 p.m.

General admission is $5; area student admission is $3 and AU student admission is $1. Reservations are required. For tickets and reservations, please visit the Performing Arts Office Box, e-mail, or call 607.871.2828.

“The Heart of Art” is a satire about the workings of the contemporary theater. The performance is about a puffy, pretentious producer trying to manipulate an idealistic playwright and nearly explodes as other theatrical personae join the melee. The production is set in the “here and now” of New York City’s theater subculture.

“Their battles and confusions, changes and stubbornness, and desire for impermanence create near-murder and mayhem in an already confused world of casting, uncertain relationships, and the steady demand for ‘interesting’ work,” according to information provided by Nancy Freelove, Performing Arts secretary.

Dr. Becky Prophet, professor of theater at AU, is directing “The Heart of Art.

Marketa Fantova, assistant professor of theater design, is designing scenery and costumes. Junior Steve Zeckendorf and senior Dan Meltzer are designing lights. Zach Hamm, technical director of Performing Arts, is overseeing the technical direction and Debbie MacCrea, staff member, is supervising costume preparations.

The cast consists of eight AU students:

Justin Pietropaolo, a junior English major from Goshen, NY, will be in the role of the powerful producer, Art Dick; Ed Allen, a sophomore academic exploration major from Durham, CT, will play the young playwright Kyle Wayward; Johnathan Hamolsky, a junior theater major from Rindge, NJ, will perform as the established playwright Henry Livid; Sanders Sikorski-Schneider, a sophomore fine arts and English major from Coopersburg, PA, will act as the playreader Strobler Gaderum;

Also, Nathan Gibson, a sophomore academic exploration major from Crystal Lake, IL, will play the assistant Pinkham Winer; Kate Truini, a freshman academic exploration major from Roxbury, CT, will perform as Cindy Wayward; Ramona Kingsley, a junior theater major from Wellsville, will act in the role of Strobler’s assistant Mindy Moore; and Jasmine Williams, a freshman academic exploration major from Alfred, will play the actress Moira Loesser.