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AU co-hosts symposium on urban education with downstate partners

Alfred University joins the Center of Integrated Teacher Education (CITE), New York City, and St. Francis College (SFC), Brooklyn, in hosting a symposium on urban education featuring education critic Jonathan Kozol. The program is slated for Saturday, Oct. 3, at SFC.

Kozol is a teacher, author, and prominent critic of urban education and government efforts to improve education. He criticizes the inequalities of education between rich and poor school districts and their connection to race. He raises questions about the quality of education a child will get due to their place of birth.

“An awful lot of people come to college with this strange idea that there's no longer segregation in America’s schools, that our schools are basically equal; neither of these things is true,” says Kozol.

All of Alfred University’s downstate counseling and literacy students, SFC education majors, alumni of the respective programs, guests from the New York City Department of Education and professional organizations will be attending. Some 300 participants are expected.

Alfred University offers master of science in education degrees in school counseling and literacy through it’s Downstate program, initiated in 2006 under the auspices of CITE. The satellite counseling programs mirror those offered on the University’s main campus. Downstate classes are taught at venues in Brooklyn (SFC) and Long Island. The program is designed specifically for individuals who are seeking graduate classes that are scheduled at times that make them more accessible to busy educational professionals.

According to Dr. John D. Cerio, professor of psychology and director of AU-Downstate, almost all the students enrolled in the program have professional background in education.

“They’re learning the Alfred approach, which is very practical and skills-based. They like the personal contact they get, not only from our faculty, but from the faculty they have in the city,” Cerio has said.

In addition to AU’s relationship with CITE, AU has a developing relationship with SFC. SFC is an urban, liberal arts college located in Brooklyn Heights. SFC houses 2,362 undergraduate and graduate students. With small classes, numerous internship opportunities, and highly successful alumni who actively mentor undergraduates, students are offered many opportunities for their future careers.