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Mayberry's book wins second award

Dr. Susan Mayberry, professor of English

Dr. Susan Mayberry, professor of English

Can’t I Love What I Criticize? The Masculine and Morrison, written by Alfred University English Professor Susan Mayberry, is this year’s recipient of the Outstanding Book Award from the Organization for the Study of Communication, Language and Gender.

“The committee and I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book,” wrote Dr. Robyn V. Remke, associate professor in the Department of Intercultural Communication and Management at the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark, in notifying Mayberry o of the latest award for her book, published by the University of Georgia Press. “Your insights furthered our own understanding of Morrison and her work,” Remke added.

This is not the first award for Mayberry’s book, which earned a 2008 Toni Morrison Society Book Recognition Award and was nominated for a 2008 Southern Atlantic Modern Language Association Studies Award.

But the highest praise – in Dr. Mayberry’s estimation – came from Morrison herself. Mayberry sent a copy of the book, along with a note, to Morrison and received, in return, a hand-written note from the author: “Dear Susan Mayberry, I have admired a number of critical texts on my work, but I can’t say I have enjoyed any more than your ‘Can’t I Love…’ For freshness, scrutiny and a welcome point of view it is in a class by itself.’”

Can’t I Love What I Criticize? is the first full-length study of Toni Morrison’s male characters and the first systematic examination of black masculinity in the fiction of African American women.

A 1973 graduate of Meredith College with a B.A. degree in English, Mayberry completed her master’s in English from North Carolina State University in 1975, and a Ph.D. degree in English from the University of Tennessee in 1982.

She joined the Alfred University faculty in 1982, and has taught courses in English Renaissance literature; Shakespeare; American literature; literature of the American South; and African American literature, including Toni Morrison’s work, as well as poetry courses.

She is also a past director of Alfred University’s interdisciplinary Women’s Studies Program.