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Accreditation agency seeks comments on Alfred University's teacher education program

The Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC), a national body formed in 1997 to evaluate teacher education programs, is reviewing the teacher education program at Alfred University.

As part of its review, TEAC has requested the Division of Education seek public comment on its program, said Ann Monroe-Baillargeon, professor of education and division chair.

Anyone wishing to comment on teacher education programs at Alfred University is asked to visit TEAC’s web site – – to offer confidential comments about how well the AU program is meeting TEAC’s standards.

Accreditation by TEAC is “an expression of confidence that a program is satisfactorily achieving its objectives and that it meets or exceeds TEAC’s standards of program quality and institutional capacity,” according to the announcement from Frank B. Murray, TEAC president.

Alfred University was founded in 1836 and was the first co-educational institution in New York State and the second in the nation. From the beginning, one of its goals was to educate teachers.