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Scouting ties 'knot' forgotten: AU students recognize scouting’s anniversary

In recognition of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Boy Scouts of America, Alfred University students and staff will tie knots representing the impact of scouting on their campus community.

A long clothesline will be draped through the Powell Campus Center on Monday, Feb. 8. Those positively impacted by either Boy or Girl Scouting will be invited to tie a knot onto the line along with a tag identifying their hometown and scouting unit.

The project is the first initiative of a newly formed coalition of Eagle Scouts and Gold Award winners currently studying at the University. The group plans to meet with local scout leaders soon to discuss ways that college students can assist local scouting units.

The Boy Scouts of America was incorporated on Feb. 8, 1910 by W.D. Boyce after a trip to London where he encountered a scout who was part of the scouting movement which was founded in 1907 by British General Robert Baden-Powell. Juliette Gordon Low founded U.S. Girl Scouting in 1912 in Savannah, GA.

Zachary Grove, an Eagle Scout and AU sophomore marketing major from Rochester, sees scouting as influential to his college success. “Scouting helps you get a grip on independence before coming to college. I think the transition from high school to living on my own was aided by experiences like wilderness survival camping. Getting up early to attend class is nothing compared to functioning alone in the woods at night.”