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AU Downstate — Open House Saturday, March 27

Alfred University has been operating extension graduate programs in Brooklyn and on Long Island for the past four years in conjunction with the Center for Integrated Teacher Education (CITE). These programs are designed to be part-time programs for working adults who want to expand their employment options. The two programs that have been operating are the Master’s of Science in Education in Counseling with an emphasis in school counseling, and the Master’s of Science in Education in literacy. Approximately 200 students are enrolled in these programs each year.

AU is now in the process of opening two additional extension programs:
• The Master’s of Business Administration (MBA); and
• The Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Community Services Administration (CSA), a degree in public administration.

To kick off the first year of these programs, AU will be holding an open house for all of our downstate graduate programs on Saturday, March 27, 2010, from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m., at St. Francis College, 180 Remsen Street, Brooklyn Heights. Representatives of all four graduate programs will be available to provide information, application materials, and meet with individuals to discuss their particular interests in the programs. General information about AU’s downstate graduate programs and the two newest programs is provided below.

About the Programs

AU’s downstate graduate programs are designed for non-traditional students who are employed in full-time positions. To accommodate normal work schedules, classes meet for one full day each weekend, with each course consisting of five full day class sessions. Students have the option of choosing to join cohorts that meet on either Saturdays or Sundays, and remain with their cohort for the duration of the program.

All of AU’s downstate graduate programs are coordinated by the Center for Integrated Teacher Education (CITE). CITE has been a long-time partner with AU, and assists the university with admissions recruiting, facilities management, and student services for the downstate programs. AU manages all academic, instructional, and financial aid aspects of the program. The partnership with CITE allows AU to charge tuition rates that are more affordable for working adults. The standard tuition for downstate courses is $300/credit hour, or $900 for a three-credit graduate course. Financial aid is available through AU.

The courses that are offered in our downstate programs follow the exact same curricula as the courses on the AU campus. Instructors include regular AU faculty and adjunct faculty who are experienced in the areas in which they are teaching. We work hard to offer high quality courses taught by high quality, dedicated faculty.

Most of our classes are located on the campus of St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights, just over the bridge from Manhattan. We have found this to be a very convenient location in a nice neighborhood that is easily accessible by train and bus. We also schedule some classes in Oceanside on Long Island at the Oceanside Regional Teachers Center.

We want our alumni who live in the metro-New York area to be aware of the opportunities that are still available to you through your alma mater. If you are thinking about seeking a graduate degree in one of these areas, keep in mind that AU offers these programs that are:
• High quality
• Affordable
• Conveniently scheduled to meet the needs of working adults.
• Located at a site that is easily accessible.

For Further Information

To obtain a brochure and application information, contact:
Tim Werner
Manager, Professional Services
877-922-CITE (2483)

For academic information regarding the programs, contact:
Dr. Jay Cerio, Director
Downstate Graduate Programs
Alfred University