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Fosdick-Nelson hosts multi-channel, sound composition exhibit

The Fosdick-Nelson Gallery at Alfred University is currently hosting “50 Vernon Place — An Exploration of Sound in Space,” a multi-channel sound composition by artist and musician Don Metz of Buffalo.

This is the first exhibition at the Fosdick-Nelson to be devoted entirely to the art of sound. The show runs through Thursday, April 1, 2010. Admission is free.

In his quiet, down-to-earth way, Metz has committed nearly three decades to the arts community of Western New York. Metz has been improvising and recording sonic structures in his home and garage on Vernon Place in Buffalo for over 12 years.

Using a prepared piano, carpenter tools, construction tubes, and other self-invented instruments, he has developed a database of sounds, noises, and tones from which he has composed five tracks for this exhibition, one for each of the five speakers located throughout the gallery.

As listeners walk through the space, the local compositions, combined with a persistent low frequency emanating from sub woofers, change and shift based on the visitors’ direction and movement. Ultimately, the listener controls the final composition and thus completes the work. The open-ended structure of the experience reflects Metz’s free and intuitive approach to composition.

Final editing of the project was completed at the Institute of Electronic Arts, Alfred University.

The Fosdick-Nelson Gallery housed, in the School of Art & Design at Alfred University, is a vibrant learning center for the visual arts. Rotating exhibitions highlight work by established and emerging artists working in New York, the United States and abroad. Located in rural western New York, the Gallery is the only established contemporary art venue within a 60-mile radius for the community to experience a diverse mix of art firsthand and participate in an exciting forum of contemporary art and culture. Extended programming, including gallery lectures and special projects, gives students and members of the community an opportunity to engage with artists, curators, and scholars.

For more information contact Sharon McConnell, director of the Fosdick-Nelson Gallery at or by phone at 607.871.2149.