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Calling all potential computer engineers! Attend Alfred University’s summer camp

Alfred University is offering a computer engineering institute this summer for students ages 12-17, Sunday, June 27-Thursday July 1, 2010. Applications are being accepted now through Friday, April 16, 2010.

The camp will offer computing experiences for both basic and advanced students. Students will learn at their own pace, each at his/her own computer station. Students may also choose to learn on their own or work in a group. Students can also select the areas of computing they wish to study, including video game design, Web page, software applications, and simple robotics. Students will attend classes during the day and enjoy recreational activities in the evening.

College professors and graduate students with experience in all realms of computer programming will teach the classes. Students will experience “hands-on” learning in small classes through regular practice, seminars, and demonstration. They will also learn advanced languages such as BASIC, C or C++, and experiment new graphics languages. Each student will program his/her own video games to take home on CD as well as a Web page including graphics and text.

Students can learn advanced programming skills to program robots, sensors, and security systems. Web page design will include instruction in HTML – the standard used to program Web pages – as well as DHTML. Students will also learn to use software to create graphics. Each student will leave camp having designed his/her own Web page that includes text and graphics.

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