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Newly painted purple, AU's tour bike ready to roll again

Alfred University (AU) is getting ready to roll with its spring bicycle tours of campus. Spring visitors are already making appointments to ride the bike in April, but Jodi Bailey, director of marketing for the University, says the newly painted purple bicycle will be used, weather permitting, any day this spring.

Those planning to take advantage of the alternative way to tour AU’s campus may do so by calling 607.871.2115 or by visiting the Admissions’ Web site:

Don’t expect to ride across campus on a standard two-wheeler, though.

Alfred University’s campus tour bike is a seven-seat, 14-pedalled, four-wheeled vehicle with a steering wheel, piloted by a tour guide.

The bike was delivered in October, and used as long as the weather held last fall. Over the winter, it went to the students in the auto-body curriculum at neighboring Alfred State College’s School of Applied Technology, who painted it purple and gold, Alfred University’s colors.

“Even though the bike was not used over the winter, we had many visitors comment on it,” said Bailey. “We tell them that as soon as the streets and sidewalks are clear of snow and ice, it will be back in action!”