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Alfred University senior shows open Saturday

Visitors from throughout Western New York and beyond will flock to Alfred this Saturday for the opening of the annual Senior Shows, exhibitions of work by more than 100 candidates for the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the School of Art & Design at Alfred University.

Each of the 115 graduating seniors will open his or her show at 4 p.m. Saturday, May 8, in locations including Harder Hall, Binns-Merrill Hall, Davis Gym and the Cohen Studios. Maps showing the location of the exhibitions will be available in Harder Hall.

Opening receptions continue through 7 p.m. Saturday; work will remain on display through Monday, May 10.

The AU Senior Shows, which are a requirement for graduation from Alfred University’s acclaimed School of Art & Design, have become a major attraction for art lovers, who are drawn to Alfred for the opportunity to see work by some of the country’s most promising young artists.

Visitors know the students they see exhibiting at the Alfred shows will be among the best-known artists in their fields, whether it is ceramics, glass, electronic arts, graphic design, painting, drawing, print-making, photography, video and sonic arts, photography or sculpture.

Students vie with each other, not just in terms of how well their work is presented, but also in terms of food, flowers and music for the receptions, turning the event into a gala.