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Ceralink launches FastFuseTM Web site

Troy, New York – Ceralink Inc., a leader in materials engineering and technology commercialization, announces the launch of a new Web site at The new site highlights FastFuseTM, the company’s latest technological innovation. FastFuseTM (pat. pend.) is a rapid, energy saving process for lamination of glass and composites, using radio frequency (RF) heating technology. Dr. Holly Shulman, AU class of 1987, is president and chief technical officer at Ceralink. Chief executive officer is Patricia M. Strickland, AU class of 2002.

The new Web site delivers in-depth information on the features and benefits of FastFuseTM, as well as the process development packages and licensing opportunities available through Ceralink.

The site also offers:
• An overview of the technology development to date, and updates on new developments as they occur
• Detailed information regarding the applications for FastFuseTM and compatible structural layers and interlayers
• Access to economic benefits offered by FastFuseTM
o e.g. FastFuseTM slashes lamination time to less than 5 minutes, reducing energy costs by 90% or more
• Opportunities for customized process development and scale-up assistance
• Opportunities for licensing and strategic partnering with Ceralink

“FastFuseTM offers significant time and cost advantages for a wide variety of manufacturers in industry,” said Patricia Strickland, CEO of Ceralink. “This new website will allow companies across the globe to access FastFuseTM and the significant economic benefits it offers.”

Ceralink is a technology commercialization company specializing in materials consulting, R&D, microwave technology and scale up, materials analysis, and lean green engineering. Throughout their 9 years in business, Ceralink has combined top notch engineering with materials innovation and dedication to the development of sustainable manufacturing solutions. Ceralink invites you to check out today and see how FastFuseTM can help you improve manufacturing efficiency in your business.

For more information contact
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