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Alfred University honors faculty for 25 years' service

Andrea Gill, Vicki Eaklor, and John Gill

Andrea Gill, Vicki Eaklor, and John Gill

Three Alfred University faculty members were honored for 25 years of service during the University’s annual Honors Convocation. They are: Vicki Eaklor, professor of history; Andrea Gill, professor of ceramic art; and John Gill, professor of ceramic art.

An accomplished musician and historian, Eaklor joined the faculty in the Division of Human Studies, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, in 1984 after earning a doctorate in history from Washington University in St. Louis.

“Vicki Eaklor has never viewed her professional obligations in history in terms that her colleagues would view as coldly dispassionate or her students would view as boring,” according to the citation honoring Eaklor. “Dr. Eaklor once said that she sees her task not as expanding the scholarly canon of books by great white males, but as shattering that canon. Indeed, her own scholarship has reflected not just her passion for history, but for social justice.”

Eaklor was among the pioneers in developing the Women’s Studies Program at Alfred University and was an early advocate for campus equality for gay and lesbian students, faculty and staff. Her efforts earned her the Abigail Allen Award for service to women at Alfred University.

She also held the Hagar Professorship and received numerous teaching awards.

Eaklor’s scholarship on gay and lesbian history, including her most recent book – Queer America: A GLBT History of the 20th Century – has earned national recognition. She helped to found and also chaired the Committee for Gay and Lesbian Historians, an affiliate of the American Historical Association.

Andrea Gill, who earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Rhode Island School of Design and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Alfred, was recognized for her “commitment to Alfred University, deep understanding of the School of Art and Design’s mission and personal educational vision [that have] contributed greatly to the ongoing reputation and success of the Ceramic Art program.”

Gill “has attained a very high level of achievement in areas of teaching, creative work/research/scholarship, and perhaps most importantly, university citizenship. Her service to Alfred University and the School of Art & Design is an ongoing source of inspiration for students and faculty alike.”

John Gill, who also earned an MFA degree from Alfred, is a recipient of a State University of New York Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. He’s known for his “student-centered engagement, curricular innovation and an enthusiasm for reaching across disciplines and schools to create exciting learning environments.”

His service to the Division of Ceramics, the School of Art & Design and Alfred University is “long-standing and extensive.” He is also a productive studio artist.

“John Gill is an educator’s educator and an artist’s artist. His unwavering commitment to excellence, compassion and investigation has become a hallmark of Alfred University and the School of Art & Design.”