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Member of the Guild of Carillonneurs to conclude AU summer series

Alfred University’s summer of 2010 Carillon Recital Series concludes on Tuesday, July 27, with Jon Lehrer, member of the Guild of Carillonneurs of North America. The program begins at 7 p.m. at the Davis Memorial Carillon on campus. Admission is free and the performance will go on rain or shine.

Guests may sit on the lawn adjacent to the carillon. Feel free to bring along chairs and blankets to enhance your listening pleasure.

Lehrer will perform “Sonata a Cimbalo Solo” by
Sybrandus van Noordt, “Intermezzo II” by Leen’t Hart, “Danse Antique” by Charles Gounod, “Vocalise” by Sergej Rachmaninov, “Auf dem Wasser Zu Singen” by Franz Schubert, “Lament and Alleluia” by Alice Gomez, “The Waltzing Cat” by Leroy Anderson, “Autumn Leaves” by Joseph Kozma, “Blue Moon” by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart, songs from Sesame Street and the Muppets, “Return to Zanarkand” by Nobuso Uematsu, “Daar Staat een Klooster in Oosternrijk” by Staf Nees, and “What a Wonderful World” by George David Weiss and Bob Thiele.

Lehrer began his carillon studies in 2000 at Yale University. Since graduating with a degree in mathematics, Jon has been a frequent performer on the carillons of Frederick, MD and Arlington Cemetery, VA, and has played four concert tours spanning the United States, Canada, Belgium, and the Netherlands. He is a graduate of the Belgian Royal Carillon School “Jef Denyn” where he studied with Eddy Marien, Greert D’Hollander, and Koen Cosaert.

Laureate of several international competitions for carillon, Lehrer is most noted for the Queen Fabiola International Carillon Competition, where he was also awarded the Society for Belgian Authors, Composers and Publishers prize for the best interpretation of Flemish carillon music.

From 2008-09, Lehrer performed the “Cast in Bronze” theatrical carillon show on the Mobile Millennium Carillon at Renaissance festivals across the country. For the past two Christmas seasons, he was interim carillonneur at St. John the Divine in Spokane, WA. One of his favorite things about the carillon is the adventures it takes you on—traveling to different places and climbing new and different towers.

Alfred University’s Wingate Memorial Carillon Recital Series honors Dr. Ray Winthrop Wingate (1886-1968), who was a professor of music at Alfred University for 56 years. After the installation of the bells in 1937, he was appointed the University carillonneur and continued in the position until his death. He arranged more than 5,000 selections for the carillon and composed nine suites. The Margaret Merrill and Ray W. Wingate Memorial Carillon Foundation funds the series.

The carillon at Alfred University is made of a double row of rounded oak levers, called batons (which are struck with loosely clenched fists), with a pedal board (octave and a fifth). The ground floor display by the carillon has information on its history. Guests are welcome to climb the 69 steps to the top to enjoy the view and watch the guest artists at work.