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Alumna’s team recognized for renewable energy project

Jane Howe, AU MS ’97 (ceramic engineering) and PhD ’01 (ceramics), who studied at AU from 1995-2000, writes that her team at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), won the “prestigious” R&D 100 Award of 2010.

Jane has worked at ORNL since graduation from AU.

Their project, “Sulfur-Carbon Nanocomposite Cathode Material and Additives for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries,” finds that by enabling a more reliable, safer, and longer lasting battery system, this technology has the potential to aid in the harnessing, storage, and use of electricity from renewable energy sources.

The award is sponsored by ORNL’s Laboratory Directed Research and Development Program with ongoing project support through the U.S. Department of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Vehicle Technologies Program.