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$1 million grant boosts AU's School Psychology program

Alfred University’s Lea R. Powell Institute for Children and Families and the Graduate Division of Counseling and School Psychology will receive a $1 million grant from the United States Department of Education to train school psychologists, and those who will teach school psychologists in the future.

Entitled “Preparing Leaders in the Education and Training of the Next Generation of School Psychology Practitioners,” the $1,051,000 program will address two problems simultaneously: the lack of school psychologists nationally, and the scarcity of professional psychology educators to train those to fill the gap.

Developed by Edward Gaughan, Powell Professor of Psychology and Schooling; Ellen Faherty, clinical associate professor of School Psychology and director of the Lea R. Powell Institute; Jana Atlas, professor of School Psychology; and Nancy Evangelista, professor of School Psychology and dean of Graduate Studies, the program expands the Division’s current Doctor of Psychology Program (PsyD) and extends it from four to five years.

“We see this as the beginning of our transition to broader-based doctoral education in psychology at Alfred University, consistent with emerging national trends,” said Evangelista. “This grant allows us to maintain our leadership position in the field and widen our impact on the education of professional psychologists.”

Successful applicants to the new Alfred University program will get enhanced training in post-secondary teaching; the organizational psychology of higher education; planning, conducting, and analyzing research; scholarly communication; and assessment and intervention with psychological difficulties of children, adults, and families.

Gaughan, Faherty, and Atlas will comprise the project management team, while Hannah Young, assistant professor of Counseling, and Danielle Gagne, associate professor of Psychology will join them on the project faculty.

“We are very pleased to add this major funding to our ongoing efforts to improve the lives of children and families,” said Faherty. “This is the kind of success that Lea Powell had in mind when she established the Powell Institute,” referring to the late Lea Powell, a former trustee whose gifts founded the Institute in 1994.

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