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Live from AU: Professor offers advice to high school students on transition to college

Allen Grove, professor of English and former director of the First -Year Experience (FYE) program in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences at Alfred University, will present “The Transition from High School to College” over live streaming video at 9 p.m. Thursday.

To view his 45-minute presentation Thursday evening, log on to http://www.collegeweekliv...

CollegeWeekLive bills itself as the “premier online college fair and admissions events destination.”
Grove said he received the invitation to participate because he is the Guide to College Admissions for, but he will draw on his experience as director of the First-Year Experience program at Alfred University for his presentation.

Alfred University’s College of Liberal Arts & Sciences offers First-Year Experience seminars to first-semester students, giving them an opportunity to take a class with one of the college’s top professors. The classes are small – maximum size is 18 students – and the goal is to “provide the personal attention and intimate classroom environment that make the transition to college manageable if not enjoyable.” Each seminar also has an upperclass student “peer leader,” who serves as a role model and an advocate, as well as offers extra help when papers are due or exams are coming.

For more about Alfred University’s FYE program: