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Alfred University to host Women's Leadership Directors' Circle

Alfred University (AU) – the first truly co-educational institution of higher education in the country – will host a national gathering of the directors of Women’s Leadership Centers Saturday.

Julia Overton-Healy, the director of AU’s Women’s Leadership Center, sent out a call to her colleagues at other centers around the country, inviting them to come to Alfred to discuss topics ranging from how their centers are structured to possible research collaborations.

The day will begin with each of the participants outlining their center’s operations – history, structure, scope and best practice. Another session will focus on how the centers are supported, and what their budgets are.

They will move on to a discussion of a “common philosophy of women’s leadership,” reviewing such things as the core competencies they teach; desired learning outcomes for their students; and how they are assessed.

Linda Alepin, founding director of the Global Women’s Leadership Network and Dean’s Executive Professor of Leadership at Santa Clara (CA) University, will present preliminary results of the Santa Clara survey of global women’s leadership.

Kate Farrar, director of the leadership program for the American Association of University Women (AAUW), will present the results of the AAUW survey of women’s leadership education.

Participants will discuss if there are possible research collaborations.

Final topic of the day will be future directions for the Women’s Leadership Directors’ Circle.