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Alumna credits AU professor with 'planting the seeds' for her new book

Alfred University alumna Rebekah Modrak, associate professor in the School of Art & Design, University of Michigan, is lead author of “Reframing Photography: Theory and Practice,” published by Routlege.

Available now in the United Kingdom, the book will become available in the United States in January. Her co-author is Bill Anthes.

Modrak, who graduated from the School of Art & Design at Alfred University in 1992, has just launched a companion web site: http://www.reframingphoto...

“The website and book are about photo-based arts in the widest possible sense of the word,” explained Modrak. “The book's essays and how-to sections provide ideas, information and inspiration for artists and designers using photography. The website is an comprehensive resource guide and online gallery with links to artists using photography, image databases, a blog roll, tutorials and more.”

Modrak began writing the book in Alfred, while she was on sabbatical from a previous teaching position at Ohio State University. Professor Roger Freeman, who had taught Modrak in a history of photography course nearly 20 years ago, gave her access to resources and a student assistant during her sabbatical.

She said Freeman “planted the seeds for this book 20 years ago, when he allowed me to take his over-enrolled photo history coursed [and shared] with me his curiosity about the circumstances around the photos, not just the images themselves,” something she notes in the introduction to the book.

There is also a “Reframing Photography’ Facebook page: