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Ceralink Receives Phase I Award from NASA

Troy, New York – Ceralink Inc., a leader in materials engineering and technology commercialization, announced today that it has been selected for a $100,000 SBIR Phase I award from NASA to develop high performance polymer matrix composites (PMCs) at lower cost using microwave technology.

Dr. Holly Shulman, AU class of 1987, is president and chief technical officer at Ceralink. Chief executive officer is Patricia M. Strickland, AU class of 2002.

NASA has identified PMCs as a critical need for launch and in-space vehicles, but use is currently limited by the significant cost of such materials. Ceralink’s Phase I research program will explore lower cost PMCs through the development of discontinuous fiber reinforced polymer composites with an in-situ grown, carbon nanotube 3-D network.

“Our goal is to demonstrate feasibility of lower cost/high performance PMCs using non-continuous fiber reinforced polymer composites,” said Patricia Strickland, CEO. “We anticipate that utilizing microwave processing will further reduce costs by greatly reducing process time, and improving materials properties and performance.”

Ceralink, a global leader in the development of microwave processing technologies, specializes in materials consulting, R&D, microwave technology and scale up, materials analysis, and lean green engineering. Throughout its 10 years in business, Ceralink has combined top notch engineering with materials innovation and dedication to the development of sustainable manufacturing solutions.

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