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Two communications majors represent AU at RIT research conference

Eric Hudack and Tom Connolly, two Alfred University communications studies majors, presented their research at the Rochester Institute of Technology Conference for Undergraduate Research in Communication this spring.

Hudack, a recently graduated senior from West Seneca, is an English major as well. In his program, “Not a Black Thing, It’s a Blue Thing”: Examining Race Through a Psychoanalytical Lens in “Homicide: Life on the Street,” he examined the construct of race in the television crime drama “Homicide: Life on the Street,” focusing specifically on the character of Detective Frank Pembleton using principles of psychoanalysis.

Hudack is a graduate of Saint Francis High School and a son of John and Barbara Hudack of West Seneca.

Connolly, a junior communication studies major from Freeport, Maine, presented “Game Freak Inc., Pokémon and the Children of America.” His research focused on the media franchise known as Pokémon and the success of the franchise 13 years after its initial success in 1998. In order to understand the fascination of the American fan base, he viewed the Pokémon through the ideas of Vance Packard’s theory.

Connolly is a graduate of Freeport High School and a son of Timothy and Dawn Connolly of Freeport.
Both papers have been published in the proceedings of the conference. More information is available at