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Alumnus to lead Delta Dental Board of Trustees

Delta Dental of New Jersey announces that Ronald Deblinger, D.M.D., will serve as chairman of the board of trustees, succeeding Gerald Sydell, D.D.S., who has held this position for 12 years. Ronald is a member of the AU class of 1971. Dr. Sydell will assume the position of vice chairman.

"We are pleased to welcome Dr. Deblinger as our chairman," said Walter Van Brunt, president and CEO of Delta Dental of New Jersey. "We look forward to Dr. Deblinger's leadership, and commend Dr. Sydell for a decade of vision and strength leading our corporation and building a legacy of success for us." Dr. Deblinger, a member of Delta Dental's board of trustees for two decades, is a graduate of Alfred University and received his dental and endodontic training at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Deblinger is still active in his Clifton endodontic practice, which he founded in 1977 and which has grown over the past 34 years to include three partners.

"I will continue to work to foster partnerships with dentists, patients and employers, ensuring the best plan designs with the greatest value for all our stakeholders," said Dr. Deblinger.

Ronald Deblinger, D.M.D., chairman of Delta Dental of New Jersey board of trustees.

Gerald Sydell, D.D.S., vice chairman of Delta Dental of New Jersey board of trustees.
As part of his long career dedicated to enriching the field of dentistry, Dr. Deblinger has served in many capacities at both local and national dental associations, including president of the Passaic County Dental Society and the New Jersey Association of Endodontists as well as a board director and foundation treasurer of the American Association of Endodontists. He is also a clinical assistant professor at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey's (UMDNJ) Graduate Endodontic Department. He is a member of the American College of Dentists and the International College of Dentists. In addition, Dr. Deblinger has served on and been chairman of many of the board committees at Delta Dental of New Jersey.

"I look forward to leading an experienced board of trustees and talented executive management team in continuing to be the premier dental benefits provider in the region," said Dr. Deblinger. "I am pleased to be part of this team and confident that Delta Dental is poised to respond effectively to the challenges of today's economic environment and continue providing high quality and accessible dental benefits to organizations in the states where we do business."

Assuming the position of vice chairman of the board of trustees of Delta Dental of New Jersey, Dr. Sydell will continue to be an active member of the team that he has served in various capacities since 1981. His extensive history with the organization includes serving as chairman of the board of trustees for the past 12 years and chairman of the executive committee for the past six years, as well as being a member of the nominating committee and chairman of the dental advisory and policy committee. He is also vice chairman of the Delta Dental of New Jersey Foundation Inc.

"Dr. Jerry Sydell has led Delta Dental with vision and strength for the last 12 years, building a legacy of success that I look forward to continuing. He has been a great spokesperson for the organization, and we all owe him our thanks for his steadfast service to the field of dentistry in general and Delta Dental in particular," said Dr. Deblinger.

Dr. Sydell will continue to represent Delta Dental on the executive committee of the New Jersey Oral Health Coalition.

About Delta Dental
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About the Delta Dental of New Jersey Foundation

Delta Dental established the Delta Dental of New Jersey Foundation in 1986. Its mission includes promoting and assisting educational projects devoted to the enhancement of dental health, providing research programs designed to increase public awareness of the general benefits of good health and improving dental health through the science of dentistry. Each year, the Delta Dental of New Jersey Foundation provides financial support to various organizations throughout the state.