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Researcher to address problems with drug vials

Matthew M. Hall, associate professor of Glass and director of the Center for Advanced Ceramic Technology at Alfred University, was an invited panelist at a pharmaceutical supply chain conference held recently in Arlington, VA.

The conference was sponsored by Rx-360, a newly formed industrial consortium formed to protect the integrity of pharmaceutical products globally.

The conference topic was delamination of glass pharmaceutical vials, a growing concern in the pharmaceutical community. Delamination occurs when the interior surface a glass vial flakes off into the pharmaceutical solution. While no specific injuries have been traced to the presence of glass delamination particles, the problem is receiving intensified scrutiny from the US Food & Drug Administration.

Hall presented the experimental design for an upcoming study in conjunction with Gerresheimer Glass, Inc. The purpose of this study is better understand glass delamination and possibly link its occurrence to manufacturing processes employed by the glass vial industry.