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Alfred University new financial education resource

Alfred University is making a new financial education resource available to current students and alumni by signing up for CashCourse®, a Web site created by the National Endowment for Financial Education® (NEFE).

Through the Division of Student Affairs, Alfred University joined more than 550 colleges and universities across the United States who are using CashCourse, a free, unbiased and noncommercial financial education solution for students and recent graduates.

"In the past few months, I seemed to be hearing a lot of feedback from alumni that in these tough financial times, they wished they had graduated with more money management smarts," said Kathy Woughter, vice president for Student Affairs at Alfred University.

"After checking with my student advisory board and hearing the same thing, I applied to be a partner with CashCourse. Colleagues at other schools gave me great references, and now that we’ve registered, I can see why. There are tons of great resources, workshops, budget wizards, and educational materials, and their uses certainly aren’t limited to students. I can think of plenty of alumni, faculty and staff who will benefit from CashCourse."

Woughter noted that the University’s financial aid staff "does great work on a daily basis with students and families on financial literacy, and the faculty in the College of Business offer courses in personal finance that aren’t limited to business students, but what CashCourse offers is a web-based resource, available at any time, open to everyone, and free of charge, to help our students gain financial literacy. I am pleased to have this resource to use in the student affairs area."

College is often a time when many students make unwise financial decisions due to lack of knowledge. Students are confronted with easy access to credit cards, and spending decisions that go far beyond tuition, housing and food, including items such as spring break travel, socializing, shopping, and more.

Students need financial tools for their transition to adulthood, including saving, investing, filing taxes, paying off student loans and evaluating the financial aspects of job offers. Increasing concern over these issues has led to the joint effort between NEFE and higher education institutions to fill the gaps in financial knowledge that many college students have.

"CashCourse offers a reliable resource to help young adults develop financial know-how," says Ted Beck, president and CEO of Denver-based NEFE. "Through attention to the needs of today’s college students, this program will help young adults gain the financial savvy they need to succeed in life at college and beyond."

CashCourse features unbiased content with no advertising and no connections to commercial entities. The information is written in a way college students can understand and appreciate, because NEFE received input directly from college students to determine what information they would find useful.

In addition to articles, the online resource features:
• Worksheets, calculators and quizzes for students to use in the classroom or at home
• A "Budget Wizard" tool to help students manage their spending
• An online dictionary of financial terms to help students understand the basics
• A credit module to educate students on the importance of managing credit cards and protecting their credit
• Many resources for college and university professionals to promote and use CashCourse with their students

Alfred University’s site is The Student Affairs division brought CashCourse to campus, but the resource is available to all other departments that might find it useful, including financial aid, parent programs and alumni relations.

"We are proud that Alfred University has signed on to provide CashCourse to its students," adds Hartenstine.

For more information on the CashCourse program, visit NEFE is an independent nonprofit organization committed to inspiring empowered financial decision making for individuals and families through every stage of life.

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