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Tai Chi lessons offered to community

The Confucius Institute at Alfred University is offering instruction in 24-style Tai Chi and Swimming Dragon form to members of the community, free of charge. Classes are daily, Mondays-Fridays, from 9:30 - 11 a.m. at the Village Bandstand on Main Street in the Village of Alfred.

The first session ends Aug. 12; the second session begins on Sept. 19 and will continue for about six weeks. Instructor is Guifang Lu (in front, in pink). She is the secretary general of Tai Chi Association in Hunan Province, China. She has played Tai Chi for 20 years, and now is the 6th level martial art master in China. She is also the mother of Daisy Wu (Zhongbei Wu), one of the Confucius Institute faculty members at Alfred University.