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Interested in Reunion 2012 bike ride? Sign up by Dec. 1!

Alumni organized bike rides to the Alfred University Reunion in 1998 (from Colmar PA), 2008 (from Colmar PA), 2010 (from Newburgh NY) and 2011 (from Lake Placid NY). The 2011 bikers have already agreed to do it again in 2013. Roger Eiss, who organized the rides in 2010 and 2011 wonders why not 2012?

The initial response has been very encouraging. David Conrad ’76 has signed up, and has recruited Jim Randall ’77 to also make the commitment. We now have the minimum number of bikers and vehicles; we are still working on at least one driver.

Others are welcome to sign up. We finally have some younger bikers, but still await our first alumna biker. Ladies, think about it! Or if there is a couple worried about our average 50 miles per day, couples can consider trading off biking and driving.

The following quote was from one of the bikers who, with his wife, joined the group for the 2011 Ride to Reunion: "Thanks to all for making this a reunion that exceeded all expectations (even imagined) and lasting memories. It was a terrific time with a passel of new really special people in our lives."

Roger will organize the trip if we can get the minimum commitments in place by December 1. Currently we lack only a driver. But he plans to wait until December 1 in any case; all who sign up by that date will be involved in selecting the route. After December 1 you will be welcome to sign up, but you will be at the mercy of a route selected by others.

If you want to join this year’s bike ride to the reunion, contact for more information.