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Alumna named CEO of Dansville hospital

The Noyes Memorial Hospital (Dansville) Board has named Amy Pollard as its new president and chief executive officer. Amy is a member of the AU class of 1985.

Pollard has been at the helm as interim president and CEO since February, and was previously the vice president of patient care services since joining Noyes in 2007.

"Amy was the overwhelming choice of the search committee, medical staff and employees,"?said Marilyn Moore, board chair. "She was selected from a pool of over 100 applicants, and brings to Noyes her strong leadership ability, thoughtful decision making and compassionate concern for quality care."

Amy said it was the people in the room who helped her make the decision to take on the permanent CEO position.

"Knowing all of you for the last four years made this decision an easy one when it was offered to me by Marilyn. It’s very much you, the medical staff and board of directors who helped me make this decision."

She went on to say the a hospital is critical to any community, in that, "a hospital is a work engine and a business engine for any community ... and obviously, we’re here for our patients; and I’m very proud of the care that is delivered at Noyes Hospital, and will continue to be delivered at Noyes Hospital."

She said that there will be challenges to overcome, "but I am a hundred percent confident that we can meet those challenges together."

After stepping from the podium, she spoke a little more about those challenges, which includes, "understanding what health care reform means to us," as well as recruiting and retaining staff in a competitive environment.

Pollard earned her Bachelor of Science in nursing at the University of Pittsburgh and her master's in professional studies at Alfred University. She brings more than 25 years of experience to the role.

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